Impact of technological innovation.

June 7, 2018

Technology innovation has accelerated progress in Information and Communications Technology (ICT), especially in the mobile phones sector. Concurrently, local, national, and international governments are enforcing stricter regulations to protect natural resources and human health. The paper attempts to address the question: Have technological innovations and regulation development had a positive impact on ecosystems and public […]

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Home Technologies

May 6, 2018

Some wireless communication devices used in home automation are: Infrared Here, information is shared between devices or systems through IR radiation. In the electromagnetic spectrum, IR radiation lies between microwaves and visible light. It is used in many consumer electronics including security system, TV remote control and short-range communications. Mobile phone It can be used […]

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Effect of electromagnetic waves on human brains

April 10, 2018

The smartphone is a source of the eminence of electromagnetic waves. Numerous studies have been conducted in the past years to identify the effect of electromagnetic waves emitted from t he cell phones on human health. The topic has been studied for a long time, but in past, it touched on a rather narrow circle […]

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